Retirement Account Review Services (RARS)

Most people work extremely hard to build a nest egg for their retirement years. With average life expectancies increasing, those nearing or in retirement have to worry that they will outlive their savings. For many, the bulk of their retirement assets comes from their company retirement plan.

While a 25 year-old may not put much thought into how their 401K Plan is allocated, the closer you get to retirement the more critical those investment decisions become. Are you investing enough to meet your retirement goals? Do your investment choices coincide with your time horizon, risk tolerance, and objectives? If your employer matches contributions, are you contributing enough to capitalize on this?

Even those who make good decisions regarding their retirement savings often don't possess the skill and expertise necessary to suitably allocate their retirement accounts. Why not have professional wealth managers do it for you?

How It Works…

Participation in the program is complimentary for existing clients and available to the public for a nominal fee, allowing us to cover administrative costs while introducing our firm to prospective clients and allowing them to sample our services while under no obligation. Though there are no restrictions pertaining to a participant's age or a required minimum account value, an advisor will review each individual's situation prior to enrollment to determine if the program is suitable. After completing the on-line registration form…

An advisor will contact you to review your current financial situation, time horizon, risk tolerance and goals for retirement.

You will be asked to provide us with your most recent quarterly retirement account statement and a list of investment options available to you.

After analyzing market data, the investment options specific to your account and aligning both with the financial information you provided to us, an advisor will provide you with a recommended asset allocation for the coming quarter.

At the end of each quarter, you will receive a reminder e-mail requesting a copy of your current statement and investment options.

Participation in the program will continue until you actually retire or choose to opt-out.

Participants in the program are not required to sign a contract and there are no costs, fees or charges beyond the annual administrative fee mentioned above. Participants are free to terminate the service and opt-out of the program at any time. If you would like to enroll in the program, please click below to request our on-line registration form.

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